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Give the Youth a Voice

On Tuesday, August 8, 2017

168 of Kingman’s High School and

College students came together to

share their vision for the future of the

Kingman community!

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On Saturday, August 19, 2017

in collaboration with local business, civic

and government groups, over 100

Kingman area residents gathered

together to create a

“Vision by All for All”!

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Mon, August 21, 2017
7:30am – 9:00am

KRMC Main Campus
(Mohave A & B, adjacent to cafeteria)
3269 Stockton Hill Rd
Kingman, AZ 86409


Question: What exactly is GenK®


GenK® is a shortened version of Generation Kingman® and represents a unified effort organized by a large number of people from the Kingman area to generate area wide involvement in the planning and implementation of a strategic economic development program for the greater Kingman area’s future for this and future generation. It is our hope that local governments will incorporate these concerns and proposals in their planning processes as representing the opinions and will of the community, and to incorporate a concerned and knowledgeable community as a continuing planning and implementation resource.

Question: That sounds complicated! How would someone like me have something to add to this?


The complicated stuff is being handled by a company called Arizona Town Hall, however, your role in all of this is pretty simple, but is certainly of great value.

Question: I don't get it. How does it work?


It starts with you giving us some of your basicopinions regarding the Kingman area as your home.  There willbe a survey which will be taken and which will ask you toprovide us with information regarding things like what do you like about the Kingman area, what don’t you like, what you would love to stay the same, what you’d like to see changed, etc..  Issues about our communities like those.  The survey costs nothing to take, and can be done on-line. In fact, if you don’t have a computer, it can be filled out on paper, and we’ll provide instructions about turning in the paper survey so those answers can be submitted and included.  
Question: How many people are you looking to survey?


It would be great if every man, woman and child in the greater Kingman area who has regular dealings in and
around Kingman could respond.  That’s, of course, not likely, so let’s just say “as many people as we can get to give a few minutes of their time and thoughts toward the future of the place we all call home through the survey.
Question: Well, but, it sounds like you are just talking about economics. I don’t know anything about economics.


This program is anything but being solely abouteconomics although the local economy will play a vital role in
our area’s future for us and our children.  It is true that an area‘s entire quality of life is related to its economic well-being, and the program will address growing the local economy for everyone.  The purpose of such economic growth for the benefit of all the citizens of this part of Mohave County, however, is the primary purpose of GenK™.  Education, health care, our parks, shopping and entertainment facilities, assistance to veterans and those in need, and much more are topics which effect all of us and your input is needed to help us shape priorities for the years to come in Kingman and its surrounds.
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